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  ZAGAR "800" series tenor and alto mouthpieces - new for 2019:

Hi, I’m David Zagar. The “800” series is the culmination of my 25 years’ of research in the field of saxophone mouthpiece design and construction. Thousands of experiments in geometry, facing tests and materials experiments have been performed, with a view to attaining an objective truth.

The “800” series is a sax mouthpiece designed around the concept of an optimal chamber volume, facing curvature and resonant materials that will synergistically allow supreme projection, response and intonation and will thereby facilitate the player to play with ease, dexterity and control over the whole range of the instrument, in a stylized timbre as required by the individual player. The player is now able to alter his/her timbre according to the stylization required, in a musical sense so to speak.

I highly deprecate the use of baffles/wedges and it is my contention that most players’ problems originate from poor design/incorrect geometry in relation to this critical area of the sax mouthpiece.

If you are still searching for a better mouthpiece and feel that you are working too hard and finally want to get on with playing music and ending the fight with reeds and response then you must tryout my latest “800” series mouthpieces.

I am proud to provide you with a 30 day obligation-free tryout, with my exclusive Total Satisfaction Money-back guarantee, if you are not absolutely thrilled with my latest “800” series mouthpiece. I have absolutely no doubt that you will be thrilled with my latest “800” series mouthpiece technology, and how great it will work for you.

What makes the “800” series so special? It’s the 25 years of experience that makes this mouthpiece a real winner! Forget about the hype and tryout my ZAGAR “800” series today – playing one of these is believing!

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